To make high quality wines one must start with a high quality viniferous region and an experienced winegrower.

Why is
wine good

Wine is also known as the oldest documented remedy made by people. We can prove that with the ancient Egyptian papyrus documents dating all the way back to 2200 BC. Even though the ancient Greeks had a more rational attitude to medicine, wine remained an important part of their health services.

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To suit your taste we are offering only the best acknowledged wines from some traditional wine cellars. Years’ long experience and tried recipes guarantee nothing but perfection and satisfaction.

Wine cellar introduction

Wine Cellar - Stojan Ščurek

It would be hard to put an exact date on when the Ščurek family became involved in viticulture, but written records show that Stojan’s grandfather Franc cultivated 1 hectare of vines, making 50 hectolitres of wine. Today Stojan farm 20 hectares of vineyards with the help of five sons, and have a yield to match. The major part of the...